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Early Childhood Intervention Services

How can EPIC’s services help?

The early years are so important for your whole family because this is when you can begin to learn how to support and nurture your child, how to meet your child’s needs and how to adapt positively to having a child with a developmental delay, concern or disability or a developmental delay.

EPIC’s allied health and special education team consists of highly qualified and experienced therapists and special educators. Our philosophy “Support, Learn, Grow” reflects our approach in tailoring therapeutic supports to children and families’ everyday routines in each families’ natural environments and in offering centre-based supports where relevant, to maximise children’s learning and development.

Hands-on support.
How EPIC works for you.

In short, we believe that by helping you meet the challenges, we will help you enjoy the rewards of seeing your child maximise their development, learning and participation.

With our many years of hands-on experience and ongoing research we fully understand and appreciate the many challenges of raising a child with developmental concerns. It’s the reason you have come to EPIC.

It’s a truism that the best results are those achieved by teamwork and it’s the teamwork we put in place that will help facilitate the best possible outcomes for your child. We will appoint a ‘Key Worker’ to your child and by extension to your family.

The Key Worker is the family’s main contact and it is around this person that EPIC’s professionals come together. The experienced team of professionals who support the EPIC Key Worker are made up from various disciplines, such as speech pathology, psychology, teaching, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Depending on your child’s individual needs your EPIC Key Worker will bring together a team who will, using our evidence-based model of practice, support you by embedding intervention strategies within daily routines and learning environments, in the home and the community.


A plan for every step of your journey.

Every family at EPIC has their own individualised therapy plan. It’s a written plan that we create with you to identify your child/family’s strengths, measurable goals and strategies to support your child’s development across everyday routines. Your plan is developed in consultation with your Key Worker upon entry into the program and is reviewed at agreed dates to assess progress towards goals and to determine whether other services and supports may be required.

EPIC staff.

It goes without saying that when the focus of the services you provide are centred around children and their families, the people on your team need to be second to none. The staff at EPIC – professionals from a variety of backgrounds including special education teachers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists and physiotherapists – work in conjunction with you and your child, through your appointed EPIC Key Worker.

Each and every one of our staff members are hand-picked from their particular field with an emphasis on those professionals who have a strong knowledge of early childhood development and a proven track record for their ability to work in a team.

Speech Pathology

All of EPIC’s Speech Pathologists are certified Practising Speech Pathologists and have training in Hanen speech and language programs, Picture Exchange Communication Systems, Augmentative and Alternative Communication and experience working with children with a range of communication and speech and language concerns across different environments.

Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy

Our Occupational Therapists and Paediatric Physiotherapists have extensive experience supporting children with a wide range of developmental concerns and disabilities and their families, across multiple ages. Our Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists will work with your child and family to maximise your child’s functioning and potential by supporting their sensory, fine motor, gross motor, independence and self-care skills and promoting your child’s abilities to participate in all their learning environments.


EPIC’s Psychology team comprises practitioners with training in clinical, educational and developmental psychology, they have experience working with children with a range of social, emotional and behavioural concerns and their families. Our psychologists will utilise evidence based approaches including positive behaviour supports; cognitive behavioural and mindfulness strategies to promote your child’s abilities to regulate their emotions and participate positively in their home and community settings.

Special Education

EPIC’s Special Educators are experts in child development and learning and support children of all abilities. Special Educators will work with your family and your child’s educators to tailor learning environments to maximise the potential and participation of your child. Our Special Educators have access to the latest tools, assessments and strategies to ensure that a comprehensive understanding of your child’s developmental strengths and areas of concern, and ways to optimise your child’s learning environments is shared.

EPIC’S therapists and special educators work with families to determine individually tailored goals and programs to meet your child’s needs. Therapy can be delivered in families’ homes, communities or in our centre located at RMIT University Bundoora West Campus.

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Discovering your child has developmental concerns can be a challenging time for families. If you need more information on any of the EPIC services or would like to speak to one of our friendly staff, we'd be more than happy to help.
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